(circa 1840-1860)
Home of the Mather family,  
19th century Port Jefferson shipbuilders.

Mather House Museum Complex
Open May 25 through October 13
Wednesday to Sunday, 12-4 pm

Donations requested                        

Guided tours available

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The Parlor

(circa 1840-1860)
The home of the Mather family, 19th
century Port Jefferson shipbuilders, contains furniture typical of the era.

Fine Arts
Part of the Museum's collection of oil 
paintings by local artists such as
William Davis and Leon Foster Jones.


Half Hulls
Collection of models used
at the local shipyards.


The restored early kitchen 
displays utensils of the times,
cooking fireplace and iron stove.


Decorative Arts
This Victorian Hair Wreath
is part of the museum's collection of 
wall art. In addition, there are
several local samplers.